Pre Emptive Striking.

When I trained in Krav Maga, we were taught on the subject of Pre Emptive Striking in the case of being attacked. Perhaps at first thought this may seem to be at odds with some self defence training systems. The saying “There is no First Strike in Karate” is a commonly taught statement for example and this extends across the Marital Art of Aikido and into several other systems.

Perhaps the hardest thing to learn in self defence is to have the ability to stay calm whilst an aggravated angry attacker seeks to harm you. Well done if you can do that, as many trained martial artists often are stunned to be actually hit or go into a flurry of punches at the head of their attacker in panic. Keeping calm in the face of an attack is a cornerstone of Aikido, yet also Krav Maga and many other systems.

It is interesting to me to see how this Karateka handles this situation, his choice is to end the conflict with a quick preemptive Karate strike, the strike is delivered with controlled power and is a direct hit to the atemi point on the neck. No flurry of punching, a short strike and the attacker is neutralized. Yet if we view the video we also see the calmness of the Karateka through the stream of abuse that is being offered and he is able to calmly stand his ground and take the strike. The strike is great and no doubt the various shares of the video reflect that, yet what I get from the video is the sheer calmness of his demeanour and how he does what needs to be done by taking a pre-emptive strike to end the conflict. I am interested to know what you might have done if presented with the same situation, would you take a preemptive strike, or would you allow the attacker to strike first and then apply a technique?

One thought on “Pre Emptive Striking.

  1. Hello,
    I might have a bit different angle of view that the posted question. My point is why the trained Karateka did not walk away from the fight but instead did not try to avoid the confrontation?


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