Training Krav Maga on a tight budget. – Shoes

People come into Krav Maga from all manner of different backgrounds and financial circumstances. Training and Insurance fees can be costly as can be acquiring the best training equipment to train in and outside of the training centre. It is a sad thing to see a lack of $$$ holding good people out of training in Krav Maga and other martial arts. I would like to share a series of articles with people that are doing it tough financially on how you can train Krav Maga and other Martial Arts when you don’t have a great deal of a disposable income to put into it.

For this first article I would like to focus on Training Shoes. Many people begin training in sneakers and find that after a few weeks of training their sneakers have worn out. Often people will replace them with a new set of the same type of sneaker only to find that they soon get the same result, leading to costly replacement. The first tip I would like to share with you is that going out and purchasing a more expensive pair of running shoes will not necessarily save you from destroying them in a short time in Krav Maga. Sure there are some brands that will last longer than others, but over all, running sneakers can be a poor option for Krav Maga training.

Naturally if you go to eBay and hit Krav Maga shoes, a number of good selections will appear – at a price. Beware, if you shell out $$$ on eBay and your shoes fail, you need to be across what the specific policy of the seller is in terms of returns and their thoughts on what they consider to be a defect and what they consider to be wear and tear damage. You can well find yourself out of pocket again despite the saving that can be made by purchasing online. If your decision is that you do wish to purchase specific Krav Maga shoes, it can be a good idea to speak with your training partners / instructors and find out what brand / type they wear and get actual feedback on what works and what does not work before you make your order.

Still once you have been over to eBay and had a look at what is on offer, you will find that Krav Maga Training Shoes are a reasonable expense and this article is written for the benefit of those people who will struggle to come up with that kind of money for training gear on top of their existing fees. So what should you do then?


Squash / Badminton Shoes

This is my best suggestion if you are on a budget, – to utilise Squash / Badminton Shoes. Both of these sports were popular in times past and are now less popular than they were, with less media exposure and so forth. Many brands keep continuity and simply keep on making the same styles they made 15 years ago. This keeps the R & D costs down and they simply keep turning out the same model at a competitive price.

If you have played Squash in particular you will be aware of what a thrashing your shoes get in a match and how the manufacturer increases the side stitching and side guard as a result. My experience is that Squash shoes make an excellent shoe for training in Krav Maga, both for comfort and for longevity. The shoes are versatile because they can handle both Wrestling / Jujitsu techniques as well as Running and Cardio training.

Often a sports shoe store will carry them over in the corner somewhere at a competitive price, again there is eBay or another online company. Alternatively you can speak with a local retailer about what options they have to order in for you at a good price, a phone call from the store to the sales rep of the shoe company can often get you fixed up with a discount depending on how keen they are to sell product.

Good luck, you will not regret having a quality set of shoes for your training, both for comfort and recovery. Despite perhaps not being the first item you might think of, it is an item that you want to try and get right as you begin training!



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