Dog Owners vs an increasingly Shut in Society.

Have you noticed a growing trend in your local community of more and more houses being completely fenced in? Houses that were once open with flowing gardens and front lawns now cut off by fences replete with security cameras and other equipment? If so you are hardly likely to be alone, as this seems to be well and truly the growing trend in many modern neighborhoods.

The sad fact is that propelled by fear perpetuated by the media, many people have resorted to almost barricading themselves in their homes to protect against much of what is publicized in the media. Many of the same people don’t know their next door neighbors nor any of the people living in their street. I suspect a very different scenario from the time that we may have grown up in. It is truly truly sad to see that so many people do in fact lack friends and human contact in our increasingly technologically dominated community.

Its not simply in our homes, when people do venture out, say at the bus stop for example the common thread is heads down into the phone and certainly don’t speak nor even look at anyone appears to be the given rule.

Yet in the midst of this we then we have a rather interesting group of people simply known as Dog Owners…

Dog Owners seem to have some things in common, they seem to be happy enough to leave their homes at a wide ranging group of hours in the day and head out with their dogs through the streets and local parks, perhaps even to the beaches for a walk with their beloved dogs all seemingly unaware of the potential dangers of interacting with the general public…

What I have found and perhaps been so pleasantly surprised by in becoming a dog owner is the sheer number of people that say hello to one another on dog walks and those that are only to willing to stop for a conversation and to allow their dogs to also say hello and to interact. On walks near my home in the local parks I have met a number of very friendly and interesting people, some of these people I will see on a regular basis as we go walking and there is always a friendly greeting and recognition exchanged.

Another thing I have also noticed is that many dog owners love other dogs and in my case I am often stopped and asked what is the breed of my dog – as per the title photo, she is a Murray River Retriever and still very much a playful older puppy. Many love to tell me about their dogs and I do enjoy looking at a dog and guessing the breed as it approaches,

The point is that its unwise to be heavily influenced by the media in what you choose to do. The majority of people are in fact good people irrespective of what race or background they are. There is not a great deal to gain by building walls around you and closing yourself off to society. There is plenty to gain by putting yourself out there, and even potentially saying yes to more things more often.

Perhaps you should even consider getting a dog of your own? Many dogs like the Murray River Retriever and others are transitioning from traditional roles into being very good companion dogs. Owning a companion dog is proven to have a number of health benefits including reduced anxiety levels among a number of other benefits.

If you own a companion dog, the dog will be a lot of good to you, if you re-home a rescue dog from your local shelter or group, you could well prove to be some good to the dog also.

There is a time to have your own space, and there is also a time to be the kind of person that invests back your talents into your local community. Maybe its time to have another think about what you could really be doing in yours?





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