Why are Evangelical Christians flocking to Jordan Peterson?

For those that follow the media, the name Jordan Peterson is becoming quite familiar.  Scolded and ridiculed for not kowtowing to gender neutral pro nouns, Jordan’s rise to popularity has been stratospheric much to the chagrin of his detractors.

Yet what is with the surging interest in this seemingly secular Professor and his lectures in the Evangelical Christian community?

Jordan Peterson spends an awful lot of his time talking about God, both in his standard lectures and also in a series of Biblical lectures focusing on stories from the Old Testament. Many Christians openly long for Peterson to begin a series on the New Testament.

If you attempt to pin Jordan Peterson down on whether he believes in God, his answer will come in a long format discussion. He is well known for his debates against popular Atheist figures in favour of God. His background in childhood is being taken to a mainline church in Canada by his Mother, to my knowledge he does not attend church as an adult, but would no doubt be warmly welcomed by many Christians into their own churches if he chose to visit.

Jordan Peterson often responds when asked about his rise to popularity that he is an early adopter of new technology, on this case the technology to make and distribute long format lectures and discussions. This same technology is technology that many Evangelical Christians are no stranger to. When discussion first began on antiquated modems and servers it was Christian Evangelists and Organisations leading the charge into many of these areas and rapidly embracing this technology, having Jordan Peterson on evolving technology is no real leap for many Christians to follow.

The furore around gender neutral pronouns is also no new news to Evangelical Christians who have routinely been attacked by the political left in this area for many years now. The recent case of Australian Rugby Union player Israel Folau being sacked (fired) for posting a scripture quote on his Instagram account is one example, there are thousands more should you choose to go looking.

Getting your life together by following Jordan Petersons ’12 Rules For Life’ is also not a foreign concept to Evangelical Christians. Once a person is ‘Born Again, the old life is finished and a new life begins. The concept of Holiness and casting away behaviours that hold you back is a core concept of Christianity and something that has changed and continues to positively change the lives of billions of people today.

Personally as an Evangelical I love Jordan Petersons work and enjoy his books and lectures. Its my view that God can speak to you through the work of Jordan Peterson as he can through the work of anyone else. A popular quote of Jordan’s is to identify your problems and “start fixing ’em eh?”, I could not more agree, getting started on that path will be one of the best decisions you make. Should you realise that those problems do in fact relate to your spiritual nature and lead you on a search that culminates in you understanding and having that revelation of who Jesus Christ really is and joining our Evangelical Christian ranks, then more power to you and welcome to this new chapter in your life!

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